Friday, November 16, 2007

'Tis the season!

No, this isn't a blogger complaining about the fact that she saw Santa at the mall yesterday or that neighbors already have their tree up and lights on the house. This is way more fun than that!

If you've kept up with our blog you probably read this post about Capt. Erick Foster "" Well, Beth (his sister)and I are putting together holiday packages for his troop still in Iraq. Beth is in charge of the main package and we (notice I said, "we" As in: you and I and all our blogging friends...)are putting together stockings for each soldier. How fun is that? It's so fun that we need 84 of them!

Here's how this is going to go down: While you and your family are out shopping at the grocery store or the mall or anywhere in between over the next 3 weeks, you're going to add to your shopping list some of the things that are on the list off to the side of this blog. In order for them to get there by Christmas, we need to ship them by Dec. 11 which means all stockings need to be to us by Friday, December 7th. If you'd like to help but don't have the time to get out to do this, you may also 'sponsor' a stocking (a.k.a. give me money and I'll shop for you!)

In review:
1. decide this is a great idea
2. confer with your family whether you're 'adopting' 1 soldier or more.
3. agree with your family when they say at least 2
4. email me at to let me know you're doing this
5. take a look at the list and copy items that you think would be fun
6. shop, shop, and shop some more! Have fun, get creative!
7. Go buy a stocking per soldier (nothing super fancy, these are military men don't forget...), fill it with your goodies, and drop it off with me or Beth. If you live outside STL, throw it in a box and ship it to me.


Blessed Mommy said...

YAY! love it, and this is why i love Christmas! i better get shopping!!

Bob Hansel said...

You're amazing, always thinking of others. Really Katie, what a blessing you are to all that know you or have the chance to run into you!

Amy said...

I will do 2

Amy said...

Okay, I'm recruiting others to help. Will you e-mail me your address? We'll get some to you soon, I promise! Some will come from Lubock, TX, and I'll gather some up here.

K.M.L said...

2 will be in the mail on Monday!!! Yippee!!!