Friday, April 3, 2009


Apparently the George was in my neighborhood filming yesterday morning/afternoon.

Literally two blocks away.

It was raining so I took a nap.

There's a really good life lesson to be learned here. It hurts too much to figure out what that is.

We could have watched the final ER episode together. Like a family.

Opportunity wasted. OpporClunity wasted, more like.


Gina said...

What?!??? Where was he?

Katie said...

On Flora Place!! Drat!

Amanda said...

That makes me so sad for you...kind of like Clooney and Brad Pitt filming Oceans 12 two train tracks away from me when I was in Rome!!! I understand the sadness sister!!!

Sara D. said...

NOOOOOOOOO!! I am really sad for you. And me, because I would really like to track him down...but it might be kind of sad, what with me dragging 4 children to stalk him and all. I'm thinking our days with him running around our town are numbered.

Chrissy said...

Um, should I tell you that my friend Marti was an extra, standing next to him while filming 2 blocks away from your house? And then tonight I sat next to Marti at a campfire so REALLY I sat almost next to George tonight. Really.

Anonymous said...

This post had me laughing out loud - especially the part about watching ER as a family!

He's probably here for a while longer, right? Don't give up hope. It could still happen!