Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Old Man.

Some hot guy in my house has a birthday today. I know an average day includes me lavishing him with love and encouragement (ahem...) but I wanted to proclaim from the highest heights today, and this is as high as I get.

I should probably apologize, ladies. I got him. I got him early and without working for it. I woke up one morning and God said, "Look past the creepy long hair, Kate, I found you a man."

And Whatta man he is! I don't even know where to begin. I'm really proud of him and humbled by the fact that he's actually MY husband. I wish you guys could see how hard he works, not only on the band or his design stuff but on our family. The man can serve like nobody's bid-nass. I'm embarrassed to tell you how often I get to sleep in while he gets up with E-beast. I wish I could capture the devotion he has to raising Eliot and display it for all the world to see! And even though in 6 months I'll be complaining about this, I really do love how much he loves baseball. I love how he talks about his friends, about his family. I love how he makes me feel like the hottest woman on the planet. He makes better coffee than I do and I won't even try to explain the man and his pancakes.

Speaking of pancakes and sleeping in, I need to go.

Happy Birthday, esposo. You're my favorite.


Sharon said...

Happy Birthday, Russ! And you know how I feel about your pancakes... :)

erin said...

Happy B-Day Russ! You and Shane's birthdays are really close together. Next year we should have a joint party. That way we can split the cost of the pony and the clown.

Bird's Eye View Photography said...

Awe- what a sweet post!