Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So...funny story...

Sunday afternoon we got a call from a friend of the family. They had extra tickets to the game on Tuesday! How great is that! This happens a lot here, we rarely have to pay for Card's tickets in a town like this. Reason #764 I love this place.

We were careful not to say anything to Eliot until this afternoon. He tends to focus on something and isn't so good at delayed gratification. When I tried to tell him about our Michigan trip coming he would talk about G'ma and Papa coming over that day and if Daisy barked, that surely meant they were here! Keeping that in mind, we kept it on the DL that we were having a fun night out until we thought he could handle it.

I knew several other families already going and got their seat info in case we ended up near them. We needed this! A fun night out, though a little chilly, but a night out nonetheless. Russ talked to the ticket-giver, L, several times. He asked if they had prepared for the cold since they were from out of town. She laughed and talked about buying gloves. They talked about meeting up at the Clark Street entrance, etc.

After Eliot's nap, he talked about Baseball nonstop as I dressed him in his Cardinal red. I jumped in the shower and followed up with my red T-shirt.

L called once more to finalize a couple things and asked if we'd gotten a sitter or if Eliot was coming along. Russ explained that he was still young enough to be free, so he was indeed coming. As they finished the conversation, she casually mentioned something about the Scott Trade Center. Russ assumed she was confused on her St. Louis sports arenas.

Then the wheels started turning.

Tuesday night game. Clark street. Wait a minute. L did mention something about other games last Sunday. The Cards didn't play last Sunday.

Our "free tickets to the ball game" were for the Womens NCAA championship basketball game. At the Scott Trade Center.

It's like expecting to drink Mountain Dew when you put that straw to your lips only to find there's been an awful mistake and Dr. Pepper is in your cup. Ack.

Poor guy. He was so excited to go to the game. Eliot was, too.

Since we only had the two tickets and Scott Trade Center has dumb rules, I sent Russ and Eliot for a guys night.

As they left Eliot turned around, played me some air guitar and wrote a song right there on the spot that included the words "I'll misssssss you, bye bye, Mamaaaaa!"

I might have peed my pants a little.

Fast forward several hours. The boys come home and as I kiss my sweet child goodnight, he whispers the greatest four words ever. The Final Four words I ever need to hear:

"Mommy, you're my favorite."


Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

This was a 2 for 1, first of all crying from laughter and then tears from the cuteness of Eliot.

Amanda said...

This weekend will change those FOUR WORDS...to FIVE WORDS...
Aunt Minda...YOU'RE MY FAVORITE!!!

Amy R. said...

I totally wish we could have given Russ our 4th ticket!!! We had 4 but only needed 3 because Jensen is still under 2 - that would have been so awesome to sit with Russ & Eliot! If we'd only stopped the car when we saw them....Oh well, then it wouldn't be a funny story.

nicaudfamily said...

What a cute and funny story and I can totally picture him with the air guitar(most have made his daddy proud) and then"your my favorite"(really made his Mama proud)!!!
Little boys own their Mama's hearts!!

erin said...

Oh that boy. He is too much! I got goosebumps.

Ben and Erin said...

What a great story! I was laughing out loud. Sounds like the boys had fun despite the disappointment of not being at the Card's game. And could Eliot's little words be any cuter? So sweet! See you tomorrow morning.