Monday, April 27, 2009

Spots. Ewww.

I promised to post the new stuff from Arbonne and last week got away from me. Big surprise. They didn't do the huge production like in years past because they're going to start spreading the new stuff out throughout the year. Woo-hoo! That means more new stuff coming in just a few months!

Couple new things:
1. They have a whole new line for AGE SPOTS AND SUN SPOTS! It will also work for other discolorations from acne scarring, etc. How great is that!!

2. They reformulated the acne line and it's amazing! I haven't struggled with acne but I might start using it anyway, just because it's so great. One product I will be using out of this line is a spot treatment.

They also added black liquid eye liner! That's right. I know, my life is changed, too.

So, anyone want to try any of the new stuff? Email me with your order and I"ll give ya 50% any new products until the end of April (which is only a few days, peeps.)

And lastly, but most importantly, I'm looking to add a couple new people to my team that are looking for extra income. My upline gave out a challenge to help 3 new people start making money w/ Arbonne by the end of the summer. Maybe an extra $200-$500 a month could make a world of difference? Maybe you want to be a stay at home mom and spend more time w/ your kids? Maybe you don't like your job but are scared of the job market? One of the speakers in Vegas said the following:

"Arbonne gave my husband a wife, my kids a mother and my family a future."

If that resonates with you at all, give me a call or email and I can fill you in on what this would look like for you.

Happy Monday everyone!

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