Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I need Africa...

more than Africa needs me.

I'm excited to announce that FE (Fundamental Elements) (Russ' Band) have teamed up with an amazing organization called the Mocha Club. The band was able to look over the different projects they have going and they chose Orphan Care. Kinda makes my heart tingle. Chocolate chips who need a little extra help? Uh, no brainer. The short explanation is that for the cost of two mochas a month ($7) you can join with FE to support Orphan Care.

There's lots more details on their page. Click here for more info and to join an amazing cause. Sidenote: with every membership you get a sweet t-shirt. Obviously, not super important but kinda fun.

Check this out:

Again, there's more info on the FE Blog. Click here to head straight there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you don't know me but I know the Whitworths. We saw FE on Friday night in KC and I wanted to tell you (to affirm Russ) that they were really good! We really enjoyed them!
Love your blog and have shared it with a few people in a similar situation as yourself.

~Lauren Sterling

Jacob, Lisa and Charlie said...

Perhaps this is a little to nerdy of me to post, however when giving to charities you should always ask how much is going directly to the charity and how much is for administrative stuff. A general rule of thumb is 80% to the charity is good. So I did a little research and this organization was 77%. Not to shabby! So I signed up, and hope others will too! Thanks for putting this out there. Here is the sight to check it out for yourself if you are interested.