Sunday, May 17, 2009

The non-party party

This year we didn't plan a big party like the last two years for Eliot's birthday. With our big trip coming up soon we decided to keep things low key. Plus we figured it would be the last year that we didn't hear "And for my birthday, can I have..." So, within the 24ish hours, we called a few friends to see if they were free.

We started at Monkey Joe's and ended with dinner at the mall food court. This will be the party Eliot brags to his friends about for years. Who needs fondant and pony rides? Not this family.

Here's some favorite pics:

Oh, wait, who's surprised that Eliot wants to sit at the car game while the world-o-fun is patiently waiting for him to notice...

Eliot's birthday present from an older child was to helpfully throw him down the slide since he wouldn't go down by himself.

Playing with Charlie!

One of our late-comers to the party had a very big day! You have to click here to read her story.

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Amanda said...

Umm...when did he get so big??? Wall climbing and driving...OH MY!!!