Sunday, May 31, 2009

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program to say...


Three years ago on May 31st we got an email with a subject line reading "A Referral for you". I remember screaming at Russ to get in the office with me. I wanted to open the email together. We'd previously decided that we would accept the first referral available once we got our dossier completed. Attached to the life changing email were these pics:

Uh...done and done.

Two years ago on May 31st, Russ was visiting us in Antigua when my phone rang. My expection to hear a sliver of good news was shattered by the best news I've possibly ever heard. Eliot was ours. The adoption was complete and approved according to Guatemala. Out of all the many mornings I'd done my hair and put make-up on, preparing for "the call", this morning I was waiting for my turn in the shower assuming it was going to be a regular day.

(If you don't know me in person, know that my teeth aren't that large. Nor do they become that large upon hearing great news. I'm assuming it was a bad camera angle.)

(Doing our "Out of PGN" dance)

For a great explanation on Gotcha day, here's my post from 2 years ago. Click here to jump straight there.


Tina said...

Oh those amazing referral photos AND that awesome OUT OF PGN news. Our two year mark is coming up in July for both referral and homecoming. I so feel your little thrill of joy at even just the memory! Can you even believe it has been two whole years? Congrats! Sending love.

Heather said...

Happy Gotcha! Day!! I can't believe it's been that long already! I remember seeing those CUTE pics after you brought them to school. You guys deserve every happiness!!

Amanda said...

I will never forget sitting at my computer at work and getting an email 3 years ago that said "MEET YOUR NEW NEPHEW"!!! I must say I cry just thinking about the first time I saw that sweet face.
I love you guys!!!
Eliot I am so glad you are ours forever!!!!

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Happy Gotcha day Mohrs!! Unless you have had a 'referral' you would never know exactly how life changing it is and it's the most exciting thing ever! Katie I can witness how cute you always looked in Antigue whilst waiting for 'the call' Congrats guys!!