Monday, May 11, 2009

Update, Shmupdate

*No mohrawk yet, but it's a brewin'. Decided to hold off until after our Guate trips. Not sure how "mohawk" translates. Not sure it's internationally, guatemullets? Those are aplenty!

*Eliot is obsessed with David and Goliath. Of course, the story where a little boy gets to throw a rock to kill the bad guy. Something crashes. People run away. People cheer.

*Mother's Day was awesome! Woke up to banana pancakes and hot coffee. Eliot kept telling me "Mom, banannnaaas in der!" After church we headed out for lunch where Eliot kept yelling, "crash! Fell dead!"(see above note) at the booth next to us. Russ and Eliot compiled 101 things they love about mommy and put them in a canister. I get to pull one out each day for the next 100.

*We're leaving in a few weeks for Guatemala for a mission trip! Yes, we're excited. Yes, we're taking Eliot. No, we're not coming back w/ another one to fill that couch. Not yet. We're taking a group of college girls. Then a few weeks later we're doing it all over again with a youth group! And YES I GET TO HANG OUT WITH MELISSA BOTH TRIPS!

*Eliot turns 3 this week. Holy freak out.

*The condo's great. We've had some unwelcome visitors lately but I have started a cut throat campaign to take back our home for our own. This was punctuated by me leaving one on the wall as a clear message to all his friends that I'm not playing, I don't care how many legs you have, creepy jerkfaces.

*Arbonne is going well, thanks for asking. I've almost earned the trip again and will be making the push this month to finish earning the first free ticket. Then comes Russ' ticket. That trip was too amazing not to work for it again. Cancun, here we come?


Katie said...

BTW, I stole the picture from my friend Gina's blog!

Sharon said...

Oh, yep... the house centipede. We had them at our last house here in Virginia. Creepy buggers, but harmless.

Laura said...

Mateo is obsessed with David and Goliath, we read it all the time and he is always reenacting it. My sister just had a baby and they named him David, he was pumped now we are pregnant and he insists we name the baby Goliath! So funny, love boys! I am so glad Arbonne is going well, I was well on my way to earning the trip and then we found out we are due a couple weeks after the trip. So sad for me!
Laura Powell

Amanda said...

I am so waiting to hear about this Cancun trip!!! Aunt Manda is saving her 3 vacation days as of right now so I can have another "Eliot Getaway".

I cannot believe that my little man turns 3 in like 4 days...where has the time gone? Just bring him to Little Rock for his know he would have a blast with Aunt Manda!!!

Amanda said...

I used to get those bugs in my casita in Guatemala... creeped me out!!

erin said...

Hey thanks for the tip about Riley's! I will have to take them there for their summer shoot. Awesome.

I so hope you reach your Arbonne goal! I love my eyeliner.

The DeVries' said...

Ewh! I remember those all over when we lived in Benton Park...I used to kill 'em all the time. Good luck!