Monday, June 8, 2009

A Give-Away!

It's my first. Who's excited? I am! I am!

I have a cute friend, Amanda. Among a million reasons why I love her, is her recent venture. She's got this super cute style and creative way with life and now she's SELLING HER CUTENESS ON ETSY! And what's better than Amanda having an etsy shop? Amanda having a give-away on my blog from her etsy shop! Woot-woot! What I love about each of her pieces is the heart behind it. Within the last year, Amanda has stepped out over and over. She's not only crawled out of the box, she's covered it with felt and buttons on her way out. She's taking trips she's always wanted to. She's moving where she's always wanted to live. And she's creating. And it's great!
Here's her cute face:

Yeah, she made her little headband.

Here's her inspiring blog:

And most importantly to you, here's her etsy shop (prettysimpleart) link:

Step 1: Go to her Etsy shop
Step 2: pick your favorite piece
Step 3: Come back here and leave a comment declaring your favorite little goodie before midnight on Thursday.

I'll do the cool random number thing on Friday and announce the winner of a new piece of Pretty Simple Art!

Amanda's puttin' herself out there and I would love to just lavish her business with encouragement. Feel free to gush. Feel free to love everything. Feel free to buy.


janel. said...

yay for Amanda! Her etsy is sooo cute and I have put her blog in my google reader :)
My favoriteS were:
1. the felt basket
2. The all I ever wanted was to hold your hand painting :) sooooo cute!
3. the pre-made summer scrapbook!
I also love the headband that she is wearing in the pic. Tell her to definitely put those in her shop :)
Thanks Katie for offering this awesome give-a-way!

Leslie Ruth Petree said...

Amanda is darling and I left her a ridiculously long comment with tips on all things NYC :)

That felt basket is perfection and it would be fabulous by my reading chair.

I agree with Miss Wanderlust, she needs headbands in her shop!

Heather F. said...

I love the stitched napkins. That Amanda--she's crafty! So, many great things in her shop--it was hard to choose my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I love the scalloped notecard set...I have a slight obsession with notecards, and I'd love to have these around!

erin said...

Everything is adorable! The JOY card really caught my eye though. Good luck to you Amanda!

The Busters said...

Hi Katie - You don't know me - my name is Emily and I have been reading your blog for quite some time. I started reading it as my husband and I were seriously considering adoption. We actually made the final decision back in April and we are officially adopting!! We are adopting from Ethiopia! I love your blog and Eliot is so stinkin cute! You are such an amazing writer and I hope you are still working on that book. I just started a blog of my own -
But I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself and was of course tempted by the giveaway! :) I heart the set of 4 scalloped notecards! Take Care! Emily

Amy R. said...

I love Amanda too! I love her live simply art and also the hold your hand piece. And I would totally wear her headband too. Amanda is also a dear friend of mine and I love her tons!

Amy R. said...

And by the way, Miss Katie - who's the hottie model now? You are gorgeous! I checked out Jodie's blog and saw you and Russ - what a hot couple. :) Maybe we should open our own modeling agency, huh?

Emmy A said...

I've been reading your blog for a while. I discovered you through the Wheeler's blog, but they don't know me either. Don't you just love the blog world?!
I visited Amanda's etsy shop. So adorable! I love the ABIDE letters and the little vase with the calico cozy.
Thanks for sharing your life. My husband and I are thinking of adoption and it's so good to watch some families walk through it. --Emily in OK