Saturday, June 13, 2009


Eliot doesn't love coloring. Or painting. Or play-doh. He will humor me for approximately 6 minutes on all said activities before I hear, "Mommy? Get down?" Sometimes I don't even bother. Then other times I get a burst of motivation to engage Captain Destructo in some creative fine motor activities. This week it came while in the grocery store. 6 sponges for $0.99. There's a craft I can get behind. I cut them into shapes and all the sudden, we're in Montessori school, right? I'm so on my way to home-schooling.

A few months ago, we tried painting with kitchen utensils. That was a really inspiring 6 minutes.

We'll get there, right?


The Bishops said...

Jack just started to like to color (in kindergarten) and Grant has eaten a few crayons and draws on himself with markers!

Lance and Heather said...

This posts cracks me up...I just left the "Chasing Cheerios" blog and everytime I read it I find myself getting annoyed and thinking that this lady needs a son. Caleb and Luke definitely fit more in the category of "Captain Destructo" rather than the calm, focused, engaged, and self-motivated montessori 2 year old student in the CC blog.

Today the boys wanted to play with their metal golf clubs. We told them they could but that they could not hit each other with them. HELLO?? Do I seriously need to preface this?

Rock on Captain Destructo!

becky said...

i don't think this will hamper his college enrollment essays! no least 80% of the time i just pray i'm not messing up phoebe or kj!