Monday, June 1, 2009

Favorite conversation of our trip?

Me: So, Mel, what are we doing at the school on Friday?
Mel: Serving lunch to the staff and students.
Me: Oh, great! What are we serving?
Mel: I don't know, friend, what do you want to make?
Me: Oh, uh...what do they have?
Mel: Actually, we get to shop for it.
Me: Oh, many people is that?
Mel: Um...140 with your team.
Me: someone going with us?
Mel: Nope, friend, just us!
Me: Fun? So, how has this worked in the past?
Mel: Never done it! You guys are our first team!

And this, blogees, is why I adore Melissa.

So, what do you make for 140 people in a kitchen not your own? A light spinach souffle with a delicious creme brulee. Hands down the best meal around. Unfortunately the Bodagona was running short on custard so we went with spaghetti and garlic bread with a side of fruit.

Before I throw the pics of how God himself made it all come together perfectly, I have to share that before we came I asked the girls to dress modestly since taking 12 beautiful sorority girls there would draw plenty of attention. I also asked them to keep their voices down while we're out in public, etc. Again, hoping to draw less attention to ourselves. In the spirit of that being said, know that I took them on Friday morning to the fruits and veggies market to buy 20 pineapple and 25 watermelon. Watermelon the girls had to carry out by 2 back through the market to our hotel. The word "chi-chi's" was used by the locals more than we'd all like to admit.

While we were cooking, Eliot spent his time with the real cook. Is that not so cute? And a bit of time w/ Madi...

Psst! Do you see Mel's baby bump? So cute!!

In the afternoon we went to the school's off-campus house where malnourished babies live. It was a hard afternoon but the girls didn't hesitate in jumping right in and doing what they could to love on those little ones.

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Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Thank you, you are amazing, and the last pic made me cry!