Monday, June 8, 2009

I forgot to share.

Getting on the airplane from STL to Dallas before our last trip, Eliot was walking in front of me. You know how close you are to the strangers sitting already as you walk further back in the plane right? Well, we're about to pass a man already settled who happens to have an interesting mustache. Upon seeing him, Eliot stopped walking, slightly gasped and yelled "PIRATE! Mommy, a PIRATE!"

Should have know these stories would happen after this elevator incident.


Jon said...

Sorry Katie, it's not my goal to "one up" you here but I gotta share a similar pirate story with Grant. We were eating dinner with Trina's parents in a local (nice) restaurant in Conway recently. The owner of the place happens to wear an eye patch. He was helping the bus staff by our table when Grant notices him and says, "Hey, Daddy, look it's a pirate." Commence extreme blushing followed by uncomfortable laughter by all in our party. Love this age our kids are at!

sarjar said...

Love the picture. :)