Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So far this summer we've only gone swimming twice which stinks, frankly. Not because we haven't had invites, we just haven't been able to take people up on the offer. However, on each trip to Guate, while the group was hiking the volcano, we met Melissa and Madi for a morning at the pool.

There's a pool at Hotel Antigua that's perfect for kids. There's a shallow bridge perfect for babies to sit on and still be in water and then there's a small section of the pool that's ideal for toddlers. So, Madi and Eliot played independently while Mel and I chatted at the edge of the pool. Until Mel anxiously pointed my attention to Eliot who was under water and appeared to be struggling. Like any mom, I jumped in and pulled him above water, trying not to freak out.

Coughing and sputtering, Eliot wiped his eyes and through a big grin said, "Mommy? I swim!"

About an hour later he was standing in the pool close by. He made a squeek of sorts and grabbed himself. I said, "Eliot do you need to go potty?"

His reply? "Nope, all done."

Swim freely this summer, friends, knowing that "potty-trained" children across the world are using their new-found freedoms.

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