Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just because he's so cute.

Goldie didn't see it comin', poor thing.

One of the many times Eliot does something that just makes us laugh. We took the group to McD's in Antigua. Eliot left the group to spend a little QT with his buddy. He sat there quietly for more than a solid five minutes, not moving. Both pics are a little grainy because we were all kinda far away. I really wish I knew what happens in Eliot's brain sometimes.

Ana, one of Eliot's babysitters, sent this to me this week! It might be one of my favorite shots of this ridiculous face!

Have a great day! (I promise more content posts are coming soon!)


Tina said...

He is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

I LOVE THAT LITTLE FACE...And about 24 hours from now I will be kissing him all over!!! I am so ready to see him!!!!