Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Homestudy part 2: check!

We met with our licensing worker today. She's the one we'll meet with at least two more times before this is all done. Then we get handed to a case worker, as I understand it. So far, so good.

So, she arrived a few minutes early. She caught me sweeping the stairs but as we entered the house, I realized Russ was still in the shower and his clothes were in our room ACROSS THE HALL FROM THE BATHROOM. Instead of letting him sweat it out or force anyone to get to know each other too soon, I popped my head into the bathroom, dropping his clothes off and letting him know she was here early.

Now. Let's talk about a little bit of history between one Russ Mohr and one Katie Mohr. Over the gazillion years we've been married, I've enjoyed a little something I like to call recreational fibbing. For example, Russ is making food for himself but left the kitchen to check email or whathaveyou. I casually say, "Russ, your water's boiling" as I pass by the room he's in. He immediately heads to the stove only to find the water is in fact, not boiling. This also works for "Hey, it's snowing outside!" and many many other everyday things that could be real.

This started in college with a roommate, Lisa C. Upon meeting someone new, she would casually mention something completely untrue about herself and people would ask questions and I would just sit and enjoy the entertainment as the conversation developed. She was amazing. A true mentor. Years later when we met the Seibel family (our STL family) they had us over for dinner to get to know us. In telling them about myself I casually mentioned that my parents were missionaries in Africa. I also told them that Russ and I met online. Both times Russ ratted me out.

What does this have to do w/ our homestudy today? Well, guess what happened when I told Russ that our licensing worker was here? From the shower (read: very loudly spoken!) he said, "yeah, right, you're lying."

Enter nervous laughter from one-who-fibbs-recreationally-and-is-praying-russ-doesn't-say-anything-embarrassing.

In spite of our "family dynamics" today, we're on-track! We will be in classes until late spring (Spring? What is this thing you speak of?) and then starts the waiting game.


Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Loved reading your post, very entertaining! We sometimes do that fibbing thing, it really makes things fun does'nt it?

The Busters said...

I love the term recreational fibbing! Ha! Congrats on checking things off the list! I also wanted to stop by and thank you for your encouraging comment on my IF post. Your words meant a lot. You have been an inspiration! Thanks, Emily B.

janel. said...

haha! this post made me laugh out loud for real. I love it. Im excited for you and Russ and El and your new adventure!!

Sara D. said...

I am mentally rethinking every conversation we've ever had...game on Katie Mohr, game on....

eileen simon said...


Katherine said...

Ah yes my family and I know recreational fibbing very well. Except it's typically "Let's get Katherine worried about something and then be like 'Not really!" fibbing. I like your recreational fibbing much better.