Monday, February 22, 2010

Our first foster!!!

Meet our newest addition. Temporarily.

A friend is getting her house ready to put on the market. A replica of this little number was in an awkward spot in the house, so rather than put it in storage, she offered to let me borrow it, foster it if you will.

I shall name it, cuddle it, nurture it and call it my own.

Until they call and say they want it back.

So, I gave it the ol' KT initiation. A little bit of walking, little bit of running. A little Spice Girls. A little Brittany. Cuz I'm shallow like that. Kick it.

There was enough of that there exercise that I had to shower to get rid of what doctors are calling 'sweat'. Combine that with the fact that I did NOT drink a MtDw today, and I'm practically training for the Olympics. Now if only the manufacturers of the popcorn I ate would add a couple vitamins to the butter flavoring, I would have had a serious athletic trifecta.

All that to say, hopefully spring 2010 you'll be seeing Less of the Mohrs instead of More from the Mohrs.


Sharon said...

You make my heart smile.

And I'm astounded at your physical prowess.

Chrissy said...

You are such a tease. Serious, had my heart all pumping if I were the one running on a treadmill.

Gina said...

This is very funny. Thank you.

Laura said...

Katie, the last few months when reading your blog I find myself smiling to myself. And even chuckling out loud (good think it is just me, the kiddos, and my kitchen) I honestly think that if we lived closer we could be friends... please keep sharing, love it!