Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bits of my weekend, vol.1

One of my new fav blogs is starting a new Monday tradition and I like it. Or lick it, if you happen to read Fundamental Elements Facebook page.


kate said...

a. loved, loved, loved this weekend and so excited we got it in...after so many years.
b. I am totally ripping this idea off and will begin soon.
c. thank you.

michelle from Six in the City said...

Loved getting a peek into your weekend!! Thanks for participating in Bits of My Weekend!

Amanda said...

Thank you for giving me a little laugh half way through my work day. It seems to me that the comment on FB wasn't a typo after seeing her comment back! YIKES!!!

Also thanks for sending Little Mohr this weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Love Michelle's new idea. Had to come and see what others posted.

So fun!

Just a friend of Michelle :D

tiny twig said...

your son is BEAUTIFUL! oh my word. :)