Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Mayan was actually Flyin'!

If you didn't go see this AHHHHHmazing cape at this blog, here's the home application. It's amazing. I love it. I can't believe I have friends this talented! (ignore the rough bottom half of the cape, Eliot's still a little short for the cape so I added a temporary "hem." Ever since the stitches incident of '10, I've been a slight spaz about possible danger...)

Yes, eliot's heading straight toward that brick wall. Can you blame me for being a slight anxious about head injuries?

AND!!! Last week I got some fun mail from another friend! Remember the story of Janel? She won Russ's blog banner contest. Well, she posted this blog with this picture:

I, of course, fell in love with it. A few weeks ago, she emailed me to ask for our new address and then it showed up!!! So excited, so excited, so excited.


amanda said...

Ohhhkay Im geographically challenged so please forgive me... but is that Guatemala? Or what? Anyways... its presh and I love it and Im glad you got it. : )

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Holy crap, he is flyin'. Love the Mayan and love the cape. The embroidery is special too!

janel. said...

hi!! yay. I love it :) Also check out this celebrity sighting I found on someones blog today

how cool is your husband :)

Carol Anne said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! That is so funny! I remember Janel mentioning this blog for the banner contest awhile back. I think I might have clicked over here real quick. I didn't realize the connection though! Me and my husband are big fans of FE. We love to listen to FE's CD in the car! Hope your family had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!