Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bits of my weekend, Vol 19

At the last minute our plans changed for this weekend which left it wide open. R was home so we went to the Botanical Gardens (in our neighborhood) which is free Saturday mornings (even the Dinosaur exhibit.)

We are slightly obsessed with the farmers market. Can't help it.

Does this strike anyone else as funny?

Eliot's new obsession: blueberry shaved ice.

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erin said...

Your photos are so great Katie! I can tell you been learnin. We were at the market Saturday too. Marlie loves the pet shop and my skin crawls a bit when she wants to touch all the animals in there :)

Kelsey Lantz said...

ok love love LOVE the reflection picture of R and E also um visit the pet shop??? haha...are the pets...alive? too weird.