Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Round Draft Pick

Scrolling through my "edit posts" tab of this blog, I noticed I had a few drafts that never made the cut. Today, I'm clearing those out. I selected the 3 that were the most finished and threw in an interesting one at the end. The entries are not finished but this is what you get. Deal.

1. "And the cafe goes to..." was a blog I started after our Guate trip to announce the winner of the Guatemalan coffee. Apparently, you who took a guess on the contest weren't super concerned since we all forgot about it. The good news is that Mama to the best 3 won! Send me your address, friend and I'll ship 1lb of coffee love straight to ya!

2. "Update on ye ol' fostering" (from 5/11)
Paperwork hemorrhage: check.

Social worker visits: check.

Nursery ready for unknown occupant: not even close, but whatevs, details smeetails.

About the ides of June (is that a thing?) we will be certified and chillaxin' in the proverbial waiting room.

Did I mention friends of ours just got twins? Dare. to. dream.

The unknown is what makes me so anxious. I'm a planner. I like routine. Schedules, post-its, order, color coding, whathaveyou. I could literally get a newborn in just a few weeks. or a 4 year old. Boy? Girl? Sibling group? Twins? How do it get ready for that? I realized I don't even have a diaper bag anymore. Will I need one?

3. "Restoration" (from 4/12)
I mentioned turning in our final paperwork for the fostering process Thursday. It felt like an accomplishment. It felt good. I'm a list-checker-off-er, so when the lists are important ones? Imahappy!

While we're preparing the house and all the paperwork, we've kept trying to do our best to prepare Eliot as best we can. One night as we were reminding him why we're cleaning out the office for a baby, he stopped and said, "Mommy, is your belly going to get bigger?" It's impossible to try and explain to a 3yr old what fostering is or what to expect when it's hard to get our adult minds to really grasp it for what it is. So, at this point he knows there is a "baby room" instead of an office.

A friend sent me this quote from Beth Moore:
"He restores my soul" (psalm 23:3) perhaps the most graceful response we could ever offer God for our restoration is to help another be restored"

Which matched beautifully with this quote from Katie's blog:
"There is only one thing I can think of that feels better than helping your neighbor: empowering your neighbor to help their own neighbors."

4."Caesar Augustus needs to figure some stuff out." from 3/19. That's all that's there. Ha! I'll bet that one was going to be funny. Sorry for withholding from you.


Chrissy said...

Hey, I like that second post. Alot.

Blessed Mommy said...

i'm jumping up and down.... i NEED that Guat coffee!!!! YAY!!! i'll email you! :D