Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Dearest Eliot,

As you grow up there will be a family joke about you eating tomatoes. I'm sure it will be embellished over time so I want to give you a reference point to the truth.

Here's how it went down: we realized you were stuck in a food rut so decided we'd try as often as possible to get you to at least try new foods. So far that week you'd tried at least 4 other things and all was well in the land. One night I was prepping dinner and cutting cherry tomatoes. You were cranky. But you wanted to help me with dinner. I asked if you wanted to try a tomato and you said yes but then changed your mind and said you don't like them. Then, big surprise, you said you wanted to try a little one.

Now. Our "policy" has been as long as you try it for a few seconds you can spit it out. Whatevs, as long as you try it.

However. As you started chewing the tomato you freaked out. Like full-on-crying as if I'd set Lightening McQueen on fire in front of you. You begged to spit it out. Had it been because you were allergic or the acid content was causing open sores, I would have agreed to that request. But, yeah, you were just in the mood to throw a fit.

(reenactment using local actors)
So I said no, you need to chew it and get it in your belly. And I would never make you eat one again.

(reenactment using local actors)
And for over 45 minutes you convinced your father and I that you would be able to live the rest of your life with a half-chewed tomato stored in your cheek. You were able to eat and drink the rest of your dinner. I'm pretty sure you named it and created a facebook profile for it at one point. Whenever we would confront you on said stash, your attitude would melt down into a pool of pizza sauce. Tomato based pizza sauce.

It wasn't a power struggle, it was you throwing a fit and us being parents.

There will come a day when life happens to you. Often, actually. And someone will say, "Wow, Eliot, you're handling this so well. I'd totally throw a conniption if I were you."

And at that moment you may or may not remember this story. You may or may not remember that throwing a fit got you no where except stuck at the dining room table w/ a cheek full while life went on for the rest of the family.

Know that I love you whether or not you like tomatoes. Know that Dad will keep offering you tomatoes just to see you react.

Building your character one try-bite at a time,


Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Love that you wrote to Eliot about this, it's hysterical!!! We are going through the same stuff here with food and I do the 'you have to take two or three little bites' because you may or may not like it, some interesting faces have been pulled. Gabi loves things like salami, smoked oysters and indian food but god forbid she will try an ice cream that's not choc or vanilla.

Weird little bugga's huh!!

Blessed Mommy said...

LOL - Ha-larious! you crack me up, and so I assume El won't be wanting to plant a tomato plant next year ;) my kids eat 'em like they're candy - but won't even look at anything that's spicy (are they guatemalan??), so cute when they have to try something new!

Anonymous said...

oh, this is hilarious!

cute little actor you got there to play the part of eliot. good casting.