Friday, August 27, 2010


Let me preface this cute video with the fact that I know nothing about the company who created it. I don't support or not support them. I don't encourage you to give them money or withhold money from them. I just really liked the video. I don't know if they really care about kids finding their right place or if they use this as a front to use your money to buy baby bunnies to make coats with. You get it, right? I know nothing about them. Not a thing except they made a cute video.

Each Campaign from The Loud Cloud on Vimeo.

And on that note, I wanted to encourage you guys not to worry about us not getting a phone call yet. Though we've been working on becoming foster parents since the beginning of the new year, we haven't been on "The List" for even 8 weeks yet. Also, our window is pretty small with what we said we're willing to take. If we changed our minds on what's right for our family, we'd have a kid by 5pm. Feel free to ask me questions about that if you're confused. And thank you for caring, for being worried, and for asking. I dare say we've gotten somewhat used to the waiting game. Now, if we still haven't heard anything in a few months, I may not be able to claim that. One day at a time, right? And today, we're okay.

Eliot is at such a great stage that we're soaking up every minute with him while we wait. We could get a call tomorrow for a child that stays w/ our family forever so we're just trying to appreciate this season w/ the 3 of us for what it is.

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