Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It takes a village(to foster)...

* Countless emails, texts, voicemails, fb and blog comments
* A letter in the mail from my FIL with encouraging words and a devotional
* Erin watching Eliot so Russ can go to a court hearing
* Nancy taking Eliot on a date to Target and CPK
* Deluxe chocolates from Angie and Dane
* Seibels having us over for dinner
* Emily offering ideas and "stuff" to help w/ behaviors
* Eliot's teacher giving a bag of clothes
* Heather delivering a caramel frap to the park
* Dana watching both boys so Russ and I could go on a date
* Edwards making/delivering an amazing chicken dinner
* Neighborhood friends making me go out for a glass of wine
* Sarah coming over to make dinner while Russ was out of town
* Lance and Cory helping w/ T during soccer
* Carol donating more clothes out of her fostering stash
* Seibels making a goodwill run for more clothes
* Daycare offering/supporting strategies
* City Church peeps every Sunday morning being amazing
* Coworkers being patient with all the distractions/leaving early/arriving late
* Respite care over a weekend so we could go to a family celebration
* Becca covering my shift in nursery on a Sunday morning
* Eliot telling me he liked my dress on a difficult morning
* Beth surprising me at work w/ my fav Starbucks
* Nicole watching E while Russ is out of town and offering dinner to us all
* All friends and family being understanding of us not returning countless emails and messages

I feel like I'm probably forgetting a good handful of people. If it's you, please forgive me! I'm lucky if I remember to brush my teeth these days...

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.Kate. said...

Yes, the crazy life of fostering. You're not kidding about remembering to brush teeth some days... lol. It's great you have such an awesome web of support! That definitely makes a huge difference :).