Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fresh history.

I've had several people ask how we started our friendship with Jodie and/or Fresh Art. The good news? It's all here. Documented on this here handy blog. yes-sirree. You're welcome. And since my stinkin' pies still aren't done for tomorrow, I'm stuck awake while all the peeps are snoozin' so will compile all of them for you. This is your lemonade from my lemons. (that doesn't sound quite right, perhaps I shouldn't blog so late at night...)

Skim this post from 2007 and make sure to read the comments. That's what started this all...

Shortly to follow: our first family shoot here. (jodie will kill me for this, but I love them.)

A few months later, we met up again here.

Then, one of my favorite sessions here, here and here.

Tired of clicking yet??

Jeez, are we spoiled with great photos or what? This shoot was pretty fun...

And this past spring we got to have these! {Enter Kim/Fresh Art. Adios "Jodified"}

And if you haven't been keeping up with this past shoot, here's a couple of my favs.

But you've got to see Dana and Joe's pics, they're amazing!!! Head over to Fresh Art Photography to see them. They'll blow your mind!!


jodie said...

can't sleep and my iPhone is dead which means i can't lay in bed playing bejeweled blitz so i opened up the computer again... and found this. FIRST OF ALL i actually am still proud of my first ever photo shoot but the second one? OH MY GOODNESS why I ever ever ever thought it was cool to do selective color! Shoot me! Awful. And I still love all the others... your Love Light and the first Fresh session are my favs. Until now! Seriously, let's start planning spring 2011 or maybe mid-winter? we're ALWAYS bored and looking for inspiration in February! :) Truly, your family tracks my entire career so far which is pretty damn cool if you ask me. From bad to better you've walked with me along the way, trusting me to capture your family. I know you think I've blessed you, but you really are a blessing to me. And in a totally corny way to end this... I'm THANKFUL for you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

rachel blazer said...

holy cow... katie, i just want you to re-make my wardrobe! you can be my stylist any day. : )