Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little side project

Several weeks ago I was texting back and forth with Jodie from Fresh Art and a little project was created. You can read about it a bit on their blog but I wanted to revisit it here.

I've mentioned the Seibel family about 900 times on this blog. They are our family away from family. Our relationship goes back almost ten years. In those ten years their youngest daughter, Dana, and I have become pretty close and I can safely say she's the closest thing I have to a little sister. In good ways and bad ways. *grin* We've had our share of drama for sure but I couldn't be more thankful or honored to be apart of her world. You can imagine my freak out when Dana called to tell me she got engaged.

Some of "my girls" circa early 2000's.

{Dana and Margie came to Guatemala while I lived there! (sidenote: Dana met her fiance Joe while I was away so he sent me an email to introduce himself. Probably the cutest email I've ever gotten.)}

I've also had the major privilege of helping Dana plan her wedding over the last few weeks and I can safely say I'm 12 kinds of obsessed. It's kind of a problem. A good problem. To be honest, it's been my mental getaway during Baby T-Rex season.

Anyway, back to the project. Jodie was talking about new lighting they wanted to try, I'm currently obsessed with weddings, one thing led to another and boom. You have Dana and Joe's engagement shoot. (with Mohr family on the side...)

Jodie and Kim kind of handed over the reigns. And by 'handed over' I mean I snatched those reigns right out of their hands. I brainstormed, I blog stalked, I went a tad bit bananas. For every good idea, there were 14 awkward ones. (I'm just that gifted.) I fell in love with designing, planning, coordinating and brought ol' cRusty with me. If you didn't realize it, he's *somewhat* helpful when it comes to creative ideas.

We love love love working with Jodie and Kim. We're so stinkin' blessed to have this on-going friendship/relationship/thing with them. I hope you all enjoy the shots they captured on Saturday as much as we do, as much as we enjoyed planning for them.

If you hadn't made it over there yet, go check out their blog with the first installment (a couple more to come!) of Saturday's all day photo shoot!

Oh, and did my I mention we got my hair spouse involved? I mean...

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