Tuesday, November 30, 2010


As I look back over the last 3+ years of this blog, I'm in love. I'm so thankful we have a record of our life.

But then, I wonder.

What becomes of a child who can wonder to himself ten years from now, "I wonder what I was doing May 28, 2008?" and then look it up. Is that weird? That goes way beyond any baby book I've ever seen.

Couple thoughts:

*Are we blogging moms great historians and story tellers of our families or are we raising a self-centered generation?

*When Eliot starts dating (when he's 25...) his girlfriend won't have to wait to meet us to see baby (awkward) pics of him. She will undoubtedly find this post.

Um...I'm sorry and you're welcome?

P.S. Go to yesterday's blog and shoot me an email. Go.


ashley said...

LOVE the awkward pics post. So funny!

sara luke said...

Just this week my husband and I were talking about how strange it would be if our parents had blogs that we could go to . . . Not just to learn about ourselves as children, but to understand who they were at our age. I wonder if my relationship with my boys will be different (for better or worse) when they're my age because they'll have a somewhat better knowledge of who I was at 30.

I wonder if they'll even read it.