Monday, November 8, 2010

llaF yppaH

This was an appropriate and oh-so-telling accident.

A struggle in taking on a high needs foster kid was putting everything on the back burner that wasn't absolutely necessary. Selfishly, I was disappointed that I wasn't going to be able to take advantage of my favorite time of the year. I'd envisioned capturing amazing photos, cute activities with Eliot, etc.

But this is what you get. Ha! One night was especially rough here at Camp Mohr so Russ told me to take a break. I thought I'd take my bit of "free time" and do a quick craft. The next day it had dried and I got it ready to hang it when I realized what I'd done. Didn't really have my head in the game, I suppose.

But I left it that way. It's still there. Backwards. Kind of a craft representation of this season for us. Endearing, quirky, backwards.


Gina said...

This is somehow very encouraging to me. I love that you left it backwards.

Amy R. said...

I think you are awesome for this. And for many, many, many other reasons. :)