Friday, July 1, 2011

Friend of friend...

If you've been following this here blog for the last few years, you know that we love leading trips to Guatemala. We've had the blessing of taking two trips with Kappa Kappa Gamma girls from Baylor.

On both trips was a girl named Katie (I'm not going all third-person on you here, there were 2 of us.)

(She's that firey red head lookin' awesome in the middle there...)

Apparently the week after the first trip in 09 she went to summer camp. And met a young couple. And got all I-just-met-you-but-hey-let's-get-personal. She asked them if they'd ever considered adoption, cuz apparently Eliot's cute face was burned into her brain like everyone elses.

(one of my fav fav fav pics of Eliot. He's riding in a tuk tuk on that trip)

After Katie asked them that question...well...I'll let Wynne tell what happened this blog post from October last year on her blog...her adoption blog...

So, yeah. That feels kinda overwhelming. In a good way.

Does anyone else feel super humbled when you find out your story was used to further God's glory? That some little peanut will be adopted into a loving family who is working their tails off to get him? I'm not taking credit for that, please don't read that, I just get pretty giddy knowing our story was even a teeeeensy bit impactful.

Okay, anyway, we had a blog-world-meets-real-world moment! She was in town last month for a wedding so we met for lunch! It was so great!

If you're into adoption blogs, add her to your reader. She's a great writer and I'm so excited to keep up with their journey!

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Katherine said...

That's awesome. And I loved her blog. I admit I didn't read the whole post, my eyes got tired, BUT I read the part about you and your awesomeness and the part I needed to personally. Just wanted to say thanks for being so awesome in general :-).