Monday, July 11, 2011


Silence because life has been busy.

Silence because grieving is thick.

Silence because I'm trying out a new hobby.

Silence because I was pretty sad. a lot.

Silence because transitions were happening.

Silence because 5 year olds are busy.

Silence because we got a phone call.

Silence because there's a thing called Pinterest.

Silence because that phone call turned into visits. Lots of them.

Silence because a room needed painted.

Silence because we have a some news.


jillianw04 said...

excited for whatever your news is because i'm sure God is in it!
jill winslow

Amanda said...

GAH! I'm no good at hanging on the edge of my seat like this!
Can't wait to hear your news!!!!!

Nicole said...

Uhm.... Uhm......... you can't leave us hanging! I think I have an idea but WHAT IS THE NEWS?!

Rebecca said...


Erin said...

now that's just not nice, KatieMohr!

heather said...

I LOVE a good, busy, speechless because of blessings silence.
(But I also love to hear the stories.)

Praying for you guys this week!!

The Busters said...

So happy you have news!! I'll be thinking of you guys!!

Maggie said...

aaahhhhh! You are cruel.

Jillian said...

Seriously, can't wait to hear all of it!!

Sharon said...

I've got my red shoes on..

Sharon said...

I'm wearing my red shoes..