Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pinterest is making us better parents.

Saw a pic of this activity on pinterest and followed it to this blog. Then showed it to Russ and handed him a cereal box. Done and done.

Eliot's been playing marbles ever since...he's a fan.

In other news...
Oh friends. This whole private blog is a p.a.i.n. The link doesn't work for half of you and there's a limit on how many can view it. There's already a ton of emails on there from last fall that aren't using them anymore and when I added a bunch of you this time, it didn't go through for whatever reason. Geesh. I'm pretty sure the high maintenance of it all is causing this ridiculous heat, too. Sorry. Working on getting all the stuff figured out for ya!


erin said...

hey, i recognise those marbles!!

K.M.L said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! So happy and excited for you guys!