Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My hobby/job. Jobby? Hob? Er, nevermind.

(this has nothing to do with my last post, btdubs...)
(don't worry, I'll spill soon...when the time is right...)

Many of you already follow Fresh Art Photography after seeing their work year after year for us. You also know that once I find a service that I love, I mate for life. My tax lady, my hair stylist, my investment guy, my insurance broker, etc.

I thought about getting tats advertising all of their contact info. It could look like the back of a race t-shirt. Just a thought. You'll be the first to know if that idea materializes.

Focus, people!

Okay, so for those of you who don't follow Fresh Art (yet), you might not know that I work alongside Jodie and Kim as their client stylist. People, I'm having a freaking blast. It's looked differently every time, according to the client's needs and I couldn't be having more fun. Many of you ask what I really do so I thought I'd spill the beans on my comings and goings as a stylist.

Before the shoot:

*Some clients bring lots of clothes options to the shoot and I pick and organize and accessorize in the moment. I feel like I'm on a reality show with a time limit.

*Some clients have me to their house and let me raid their closets, making them try on different combinations.

*My last client asked me to go shopping with her for a few new looks altogether. She hates shopping. I love shopping. We had a blast. I officially changed my title to shopping mentor.

At the shoot:

*I bring extra accessories, just in case. (it justifies owning them all...)
*I bring hairspray, baby wipes, bobby pins, etc to master whatever the elements try to do to your hair, etc. I'm locked and loaded.
*I've started helping clients switch to a second hair style half way through. Everyone loves switching outfits but there's rarely a convenient location to re-do your own hair. That's where I come in! I'm like a ninja with those bobby pins.
* While Kim and Jodie work their magic, I'm intrusive and bossy. (personality strength?) If your hair is out of place, your hand is hanging funny, you're standing in an unflattering position, whatever, I'm all over that. I offer ways to switch it up, providing a third set of eyes making you look goooood.

Here's some of the sessions I've worked with!

My first was an engagement session. They were my guinea pigs. Pretty cute for guineas, huh?

My second session was a sweet maternity session with Tom and Sharon, such a fun couple to work with, such a cool story:

Another maternity session, cute family, cute cute cute! Emily has a great blog I started following after meeting her. She's crazy talented and creative, peeps, such an honor to help style them:

One of my latest was another maternity session with this super hot couple. Seriously, they made my job crazy easy with their eye for style:

Another really fun session was Kelly's maternity shoot. I felt like I was playing dress up with a doll working with her! So fun! Can't wait to see them as parents!

My most recent was a senior session, Jessie, who's an aspiring actress, so we were the perfect match! I like to fuss over clients and she loved being fussed over. We might have even ventured into co-dependence, actually.

Isn't she gorgeous? Wished I looked that pretty when I was going into my senior year, geesh!

This post got a little carried away. You're welcome.


.Kate. said...

Shopping mentor! LOVE! :)

kc whitney said...

wow what a FUN "job". sounds exciting. i love fresh art's photography and looks like you're the perfect fit in there. talented!

Jodie Allen said...

great post katie! thanks for laying it all out there perfectly! i just sent your info to 5 clients this week so hopefully more people will be contacting you! :)

Mindy Owens said...

Katie Mohr was a gift to our family. Not everyone is comfortable with fashion, cameras, posing ... Katie took Jess shopping, came home with 3 great outfits including amazing assessories. She challenged and encouraged Jess at the same time. I knew that a regular photography studio was not going to work and i immediately thought of Jodie, Kim and Katie. Can you tell ... I highly recommend Katie's services, as well as Jodie and Kim.

A little story ... Jess started kindergarten at CCS and she needed a shadow. Katie ended up being her shadow (by far the best she ever had may i say) through a friend of a friend or something like that. She helped Jess for a year. And so it was special to me watch the two of them work together, having flashes of their two heads when Jess was 5:)

erin said...

You do good work lady! Now if you could just come over and style me up each day. I'm guessing you'd have better ideas than my sweat pants and spit up on t-shirts?