Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hot bump-its in the summertime...

Trivia question: Is this a bump-it or a teased poof? Thanks JulieW, hope your team bumped up your score!

Anne, please tell me you stopped this woman and told her there's an animal on her head? Maybe she was just hiding concessions under there to sneak into the ball game?

Becky, please tell me you got Snook's autograph?

This one came from Mary Beth with this note:
The story behind the picture: The day before Mother's Day, I took my mom, brother, and nephew to the Cards game. A few rows ahead of us sat Bump-it. I wasn't really paying attention, but at one point she turned her head and I thought to myself "MUST...GET...PICTURE". I sat with the camera at the ready just waiting for her to turn her head, like a hunter waits for its prey. She turned, I snapped, and smiled with joy. Then I explained to my mom that I took a picture of a stranger to e-mail to another stranger, who's not really a stranger, though we've never met. I got a "my daughter is crazy" look from my mom.

Keep them coming, peeps, nothing delights me like getting these pics in my inbox. Btdubs, if you sent me one that hasn't been featured yet, I'd love a resend. Had a little problem with my email a bit ago.


.Kate. said...

Hmmm I feel like I missed a post that said "Take Bumpit pictures and email them to! :)

Erin said...

I saw a great one today! I was too slow to get a picture, but the waitress at the Chinese restaurant had to have been sporting some sort of double-Bump-It! I'm telling you, it was huge! Which was even funnier because she was this tiny, aging, Asian woman.