Thursday, July 7, 2011

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it.


People. There's a huge opportunity coming right around the corner.

Have adopted kids? Want to adopt? Currently fostering? Want to foster? Curious about any of that? Even the tiniest bit?

Click here for the info for a conference coming up this fall. And I'm not sure how long this lasts, but if you enter FOCUS as the discount code, you get 50% off. People, that is crazy cheap for a 2 day conference!

Get pumped!!

Also, if you don't already, go "LIKE" Show Hope on Facebook. Here's why: Show Hope will receive $5,000 for every 5000 new “likes” up to an additional $25,000, resulting in a total donation of $45,000 to Show Hope. This agency is legit and all it takes is a simple "like" to add more funds toward adoption.

Go. and go.

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