Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mommy's day out!!!

We escaped!!! A team of nineras (nannies/babysitters) were brought in on special assignment: take care of the babes while the moms take an actual break. That's right, I spent 6 hours away from my Eliot. It's the longest time away from him that I've had since November 25. If you wear a watch daily and have for years and then forget it one day, you know the feeling that I had the whole day. Something is ascew, something is missing. Did I still wonder if I brought enough diapers and bottles and have to remind myself that he wasn't there? yes. Did I keep checking the time and wondering if the ninera was keeping to his schedule? um...yep. Halfway home did we all get really anxious to get back to the babies? You bet. Did I kiss him 400 times upon returning? Absolutely.

We did have a good time though and appreciated our time in civilization. A trip to the mall is great medicine for homesickness. Subway sandwiches never tasted so good. We even restrained ourselves from going into the baby stores! We didn't buy a whole lot but it was more about getting away than getting something.

By the way, while we wait out our PGN news, we got word that PGN is actually closed today and tomorrow for "PGN Day". This would be equivilent to Secretary's Day or Bosses Day. In other words, noone is working! Although, the sound of it is similar to Maplewood Days or even Jean Jones Day so I half expected to see carnvial rides somewhere in the city today. So disappointed. There's just so much potential in this 'holiday'. It's a shame really.

(This picture has nothing to do w/ the post, I just wanted to show it off because he's so stinkin' cute!)


Rebecca and Shannon said...

Katie, glad you got some time away! From what I understand, this is essential for any parents. Eliot is so big, and so handsome. Maybe I'll see ya while I'm there at the end of the month! I expect you to have your PGN OUT in hand by then, so get crackin'.

Lance and Heather said...

the video of Eliot playing with the ball is priceless. what a precious laugh!

Anonymous said...

Katie - been meaning to get on and tell Eliot happy birthday. He is so handsome. Can't wait to meet him when you get back to St. Louis.
praying for you.