Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Specific Prayer Request

Tomorrow (Wednesday) our lawyer is going into the US Embassy to get our Previo (kick-out) fixed. There's a chance they could fix it tomorrow and we would be able to get back into PGN by the end of the week. There's also a chance that they won't fix it in one day. The sooner we get back into PGN, the sooner we can get out and come home! So, tomorrow, pray that we find favor in the US embassy!!!

Also, I found "Trader Joes" mac and cheese at a little tiny grocery store today. Oddly comforting.


Erin said...

hrmph! You live in the third world and YOU get Trader Joe's???? Even I don't get Trader Joe's!

Prayers are with you, my friend.

Heather said...

I fostered in Guatemala last year for five months and heard about you through a friend my sister. I've totally been there and totally understand. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
p.s. Was the store with Trader Joe's Epicure? On 6th avenida? They have the best quiche!

Anonymous said...

What you need to do is make the mac-n-cheese and send it with the lawyer to the embassy. They will eat it's creamy delicousness and exclaim, "This is the yummiest, organic, non-processed Mac-n-cheese I have ever eaten! Only the greatest mother in the world could have prepared this, we must put her on a plane immediately! Run Lawyer! Go and find this mother and her child and let them go home. Rapido!"

Trust me, it will work. But you will have to give away the Mac-n-cheese.