Thursday, May 10, 2007

New hair cut, new tooth, big day!

If you hadn't noticed, our son has just a bit of hair... He got a very short cut back in January from Russ and I've been trimming the sides and front just about twice a month ever since. Well, this habit was slowly turning into what Russ calls a "guatemullet", which combined w/ his spacious Madonna-type teeth and chicken pox was sending Eliot into his 'awkward' stage just about 14 years too early. So today we went to our favorite hair salon, Kinky Afro, to visit my favorite stylist (aside from Ninfa at home!) who's name happens to be Belly. Of course. She's so great, we love her!

Eliot did great! Also, as mentioned, he popped out another tooth up top!

Sidenote: please keep Eliot's birthmom in your prayers as this week includes mother's day and his first birthday. I can not imagine her thoughts and feelings.


Lance and Heather said...

You guys are such good "bloggers!" Thanks for sharing all the pictures and the stories. I haven't posted in awhile because most times I have too many tears and too few words.

That's so funny that Eliot has had so many hair cuts. Caleb hasn't even had one yet!! But I guess that's not too surprising...his father is Lance! :)

Anonymous said...

you're beautiful. inside and out. -eh

Karen Heyse said...

Oh my gosh....Elliot is the cutest ! Can't wait to hug him personally. All 3 of you are in our prayers. Do not ever doubt that God is unfolding this journey to bring Glory !!!!!!
Kudos on the homemade babyfood !! Brings back fond mommy memories. At least you are passing up the cloth diapers that I insisted on !
Much love to all....Praise God from Whom all blessing flow....

Anonymous said...

Ok... so he's the most captivating child I've ever seen. Love him. Love you.