Thursday, May 3, 2007

Good news!!

We heard from our Coordinator today that the U.S. Embassy (which was closed for a guatemalan holiday on Tuesday, hmmm...) was cooperative yesterday and our lawyer got the paperwork he needed. Then he re-submitted us into PGN today!! Hurray!!! Thanks for all the prayers! I'll keep you updated as we hear anything else! (Keep in mind, it could take 4-8 weeks before we hear anything!)

Not only have I been overwhelmed (in a good way) w/ prayers and emails of encouragement through this hard time, but Russ has gotten invitation after invitation to ball games, golf, movies, and meals. I was also blessed to have a friend come to visit for the weekend to help lift my spirits!! On top of that, I found out last night that two more of my St. Louis 'family' is coming down soon! How fun! While I would obviously rather be home, I'm blessed to have so many willing friends and family be able to make the trip. It has helped distract me during the waiting time and has also taken care of some of the homesickness.

Eliot is scooting everywhere and pulling himself up every chance he can get. He even had his first major 'accident' as a toddling little man. Yesterday morning as I was cooking breakfast, he scooted/crawled into the dining room and pulled himself up using a dining room chair. So far, everything is normal. Then as he "walked" to the back of the chair, he started to lose his balance and grabbed the back of the chair which wasn't such a good idea. He fell backwards onto the tile and brought the chair on top of him. His nose has a major scratch and his forehead has a bump, but it would have been a lot worse had it not been for his little belly to block everything!


Anonymous said...

that's so great KT!! I was praying for you guys!! I'm glad that things are back on track. I can't wait to hear more updates!! I love you!! Send some more pics my way!! :-)


Ferris Family said...

I'm so glad everything got pushed thru again! This blog has become quite the addiction for me... You will continue to be in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I love you guys and know that you are going to have major fun with Margie and Dana!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are back in PGN. Sorry to hear about Elliot's accident but glad to hear he wasn't hurt worse. Hoping and praying that everything goes well with PGN this time around.