Monday, August 27, 2007

Calling all stuff!

While I'm working on a way to get it down there safely, let's start gathering stuff to send down for the toddlers/moms. Confused? Read my post titled Antigua along with the comments. Email me at and I'll give you my address to send stuff to. I promise I won't go through it and keep items for myself...Once I have everyone's donations, I'll combine it and mail it south! How fun!!! Great idea everybody!


K.M.L said...

Sending stuff your way this week! Thanks for getting it all organzied to head down rock!

Amanda said...

Mom and I will get somethings together and send to you maybe early next week!!!
Love you guys!!!

Aunt Manda

Erin said...

yay! There's a big consignment sale this week in town. I'll pick up some puzzles and things for next-to-nothing and drop them in the mail. But I do need your address. :)

Ferris Family said...

I have bags of things here. I just went thru the boys' stuff. When we get together for me to get all of my arbonne treasures, I will gladly give you a bag!