Friday, August 3, 2007

To my dear friend, Sharon

Today is Sharon's anniversary. Normally anniversaries are a time of celebration but I feel mixed on this one. Today marks the day that she's lived in Antigua, Guatemala for one year. Let me say that again, she's lived in Guatemala for one whole year. That stretches my mind as I try and wrap it around what that would have been like. We came home after just 7 and 1/2 months and I thought that was an eternity. Sharon and her family, just as we did, assumed they would be home by last fall, so she packed her bags and headed south on August 3rd of last year. She had no idea she would be there this long. We used to joke about being "legends" in the fostering world. She, a legend for length of time living there; Me, a legend for amount of previos (kickout/ mistakes). Of course we should be friends! We were like superpowers!

Sharon was my first friend that I made when I got to Antigua back in November. She was so willing to show me the ropes of how to foster in Guatemala. She was my hardest goodbye upon leaving in July. I miss her terribly and a day doesn't pass that I don't think of her. Whether it's her making fun of my omeletes, sharing stories of our past until we're crying from laughter, walking through town with our babies strapped to our front, or just encouraging each other throughout the yucky process. She was so good to me every time I got bad news. She would willingly go to my favorite cafe for lunch if I needed some comfort food, even though we'd eaten there 4 times that week already. She even cried when Russ surprised me by coming for an unannounced visit!

Sharon amazes me. She is like a brave warrior for her daughter. She has sacrificed so much and allowed the Lord to teach her during this time. Many would become angry and bitter and choose to set up camp there and noone would question it but Sharon has chosen time and time again to live in the freedom that the Lord has this under control. Yes, it sucks but what a blessing to be with Bella during the wait. Do yourself a favor and go read her blog entry for today (she's linked to my blog), it's a blessing to read what's on her heart today.

I can't do much for her at this point except pray. Her case is messy and there's an indefinite timeframe on when she can return to the states with Bella. I'm asking for 28 other people to join Russ and I in committing to prayer for Sharon, her family and their case over the next 30 days. I'm asking that you commit to one day over the next 30 days to get on your knees for this family. Prayer is so powerful and we need to rise up in intercessory for this family. If you can join me in this, email me at and I'll give you a date and some specifics on their situation.

Miss you, good friend!


Anonymous said...

I'm humbled and honored and really really teary. Thanks, my friend. ~Sharon

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

So beautiful...Thanks Katie!

Blessed Mommy said...

katie, count me in to pray -- we already are, but you can be sure we are NOT stopping!!

Anonymous said...

that gave me chills.

we're praying for her here...she NEEDS to get home and reunite that family.


Anonymous said...

I say a prayer every day. Sign me up for all 30! Thanks, Katie! Joan