Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Penny for my thoughts?

Sure, you can send me a penny for each thought, but if you don't bother, consider them free. Here's the mind-spill for today:

*Eliot is learning/doing so much more each day! It's getting harder to keep up with him!
*Russ is a great husband, even though marriage is tricky sometimes. How was I smart enough to fall for him back a million years ago?
* Why does 95 degrees feel like a cold front?
*I never thought of using Daisy's back as a track for cars before, how silly of me.
*People that have dark features might not be Guatemalan, therefore I probably shouldn't automatically start speaking spanish to them.
*Eliot's haircut is still a little uneven, we'll fix it later, he's too squirmy today.
*I'm thankful that there will be no dust in heaven. That's not based on anything scriptural, I'm just sure of it.
*Arbonne's holiday line is starting next month. I'm thinking about running a special.
*Next year my very first class of 4th graders will be graduating from high school. Wow.
*Eliot's more obsessed with basketball today than he was yesterday when we discovered where Russ keeps his.
*I'm pretty sure there will be ice cream sandwiches in heaven. Again, no scriptural basis for that, just opinion.
*Spinach in a cheese omelete is apparently a good hiding place. Don't tell Eliot.
*Why does it take me so long to discipline myself to do thank you cards? I promise I'm thankful.
*Starbucks is such a treat! (I do miss my &cafe though!!!!!)
*Music makes Eliot so happy. He is his father's son.
*We need to take family pictures soon, before Eliot grows up while we're not looking.
*I hope all the college kids are getting too overwhelmed this week as they get started on all their classes!!

(Eliot helping cousin Laura with her emailing...so kind!) (sidenote: he's also typing like his dad...)


K.M.L said...

Those are some great penny thoughts!!!! You've been tagged by me! Check out my blog! love, kase

Sharon said...

"*People that have dark features might not be Guatemalan, therefore I probably shouldn't automatically start speaking spanish to them.".....Friend, you make me laugh!!! I LOVE this. And I totally agree about the ice cream sandwiches. :) Miss you!

Blessed Mommy said...

oh and broccoli in a macaroni and cheese is also a good hiding place :) love the penny thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

hi katie... just wanted to tell you that i'm starting a photography business and offering free sitting right now for friends/family. even though we don't know each other well, if you would like free family portraits I would be happy to do them for you! give me a call or email if you're interested! 821-8074

jodie (kuhn) allen

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

You, my friend are a gifted and beautiful writer and this was as good as sitting in the park with chillers! I loved it, thanks!

Amanda said...

Cousin...(Laura)...it looks like little man already has you wrapped around his tiny little fingers!!!! I love you and miss you tons!!!