Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Trip North!

Well, the trip back home went 100 times better than the one down south. Here's a couple of thoughts on why:
1. Eliot doesn't like Russ's driving skills.
2. Eliot not only loves Christina Aguilera but loves my ability to sing along with her.
3. Eliot handles anything better with 12 hours of sleep as opposed to 8 hours.
4. Eliot knew that he was going home again. Home. With his puppies and his room and where his dad was. Home.


Amanda said...

I am glad your trip went better on the way back home...but I must say...next time you come to Arkansas, Eliot will do much better because he now knows how much fun it is at Nana, Poppa and Aunt Manda's!!!
Love you guys and had a great time this last week.

Anonymous said...

just wait until E is old enough to tell you to stop singing in the car! tyler has recently started doing that to me. "mommy, don't sing!"....even to veggie tales. *sigh*

Sharon said...

HA!!! Those glasses are TOO MUCH, my friend!

Amy James said...

awesome picture!