Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is my Frequently Asked Questions post. Now that I've been home a month (I can't even believe that!) I've noticed a trend in the questions I get so I thought I'd just post the answers in case you also had those questions!

1. Do you feel like you've adjusted yet?
Yes and No! We've been so busy since returning that there's only been a few days that have seemed "normal" so far. We've only had a couple of days in over four weeks that we haven't had visitors stop by (which we love!) so, we haven't settled into a regular life quite yet but Eliot's schedule is going great. I've gotten back into my Arbonne business in the last week and a half and that feels normal and is helping me mentally adjust a little more. We've been to church, to the S's house, to Russ's softball games, to Target and the Mall, to restaurants each several times to the point that it's normal to be there now. Howver, it's definitely different being a mom in the states.

2. What's the biggest difference in being a mom there and here?
The pace of life. In Antigua life was like the movie "Groundhog Day". It all looked pretty much the same each day and it was extremely chilled out. Here we go pretty nonstop. I miss having all day to really focus on Eliot. I even had a housekeeper in both places I lived in Guate, so even housekeeping while giving Eliot attention is a big adjustment. (So don't look closely at my house for a little while...)

3. What's one of your favorite parts about being back?
Foregoing the obvious, there's a few things that have surprised me. I didn't realize how much I missed singing at the top of my lungs. I only do that in two places, the car and at home alone, and never had that opportunity while there. Weird thing to appreciate, I know.

4. Is Eliot adjusting okay?
Yep, he's done better than me. He's acting as if this is always how it's been. He's always had dogs, a big crib, and been surrounded by white people speaking english. =)

5. Is Eliot walking?
Funny you should ask, he just took his first steps on Friday morning! Then on Saturday night he took 4 in a row already! Unfortunately no one had any self-control and everyone screamed. Not sure how soon Eliot will walk again...

6. Do you miss Guatemala?
Absolutely. The people and culture became part of my heart and I really do cherish the time I got to spend there. A bunch of the 'guatemamas' are already talking about a reunion in 5 years. I also really miss my friends that are still there. I wish it were possible to go see them again and bring a little encouragement their way! I miss the great coffee, fresh produce for really cheap, walks to the park, and the amazing weather.

7. Did you lose weight while you were gone?
Yep, it was hard not to. Living there you have to be active just to live normal life. In 7 and 1/2 months I was probably in a car around 10 times. Not only do you walk everywhere but you are also toting around a 20lb weight with you everywhere. I miss being so active all the time. Also, Guatemalan restaurants don't serve American sized portions of food, so naturally I wasn't eating big portions anymore.

8. How is Sharon's case going? What about Melissa's?
Yes, I get this question probably more often than many of the others! You are all so sweet to keep them in mind! Sharon is back into PGN finally! We are praying daily that she gets approval this time and NO MORE KICKOUTS! She's been keeping her blog updated very regularly, feel free to check it out! Melissa's case is still waiting on a final answer. It shouldn't be long though, pray that it's SOON! Both of their girls are 15months old already! It's getting more challenging to raise a toddler in Antigua, so let's pray them out of there!


Sharon said...

I love this. All of this. You're home!!! That, in and of itself, is so stinkin' huge that it still resonates with me. I know how much you wanted to get home, and you are, like, totally there! Blah! I miss you, friend. And I miss Target. My "baby" is totally out-growing all of her clothes and will soon be naked. Yikes. Can you say "Mucho Frio"???

Amanda said...

Love the pictures that you added...especially the MMMMM(trying to say Manda)picture. Little toothless grandpa!!!!

Scott & Melissa Davis said...

YES, what a WONDROUS are now my angel...sorry, but now I just want you to post more...I had ALL of these questions and so many are HOME!!! What a journey and yet it has just begun!!! Counting the days for our Guatemalan baby out St we come!
We love and miss you in Antigua!!!