Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guate Trip, Day 4

This was a Sunday, several kids weren't feeling so great and it was raining. These three factors made for a different day for us. We went to church and then came home and crashed for a couple hours. That's when the rain started. Perfect for Sunday afternoon naps (everyone but Eliot...) Once everyone felt a bit more rested and the rain let up, we took the kids to a cathedral that has ruins behind it. We decided to spread out and have quiet time with our team devotionals out in the ruins. The clouds decided to show us all they had and we found ourselves stuck in the little pockets of the old buildings. It was past the point of being inconvenient, it was truly something to behold! I'm not sure I've ever seen rain like this! The "walk" home was even more entertaining since the streets were flooded and the rain showed no signs of lettingup. By the time we were home, we were soaked from head to foot and were all laughing like only a good, cleansing rain can make you laugh. We spent the rest of our evening inside, ordered pizza and played an amazing game of "Mafia." It was a pretty great day in the middle of our trip!

Can you see two of our leaders carrying girls across the "river"? Such fun!It's quite a bit deeper than it appears!

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