Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's a Boy!!

So, when the agency paperwork says "Check one of the following: Boy Girl No preference" we prayerfully decided on a boy for our first. During our homestudy, the social worker did her job at making us aware of the differences between raising boys vs. girls. We agreed that we were up for it. So far, Eliot has just been a typical "kid". Until last week. He became 100% boy. It's here.

We always try to spend time with The Mitchells when in LR, as Jon and Russ 'go way back' and I love me some Trina-time. Their son in exactly a year older than E and they are to the point that they can interact instead of just playing side by side. Within a span of just a few hours, we saw KidEliot turn into BoyEliot while spending time with G.

At their house, without prompting, E picked up a toy pistol, took 'the stance' and starting making shooting sounds while pointing the gun at G. (sidenote: G's response was "We only point guns at deer and birds") Russ and I both looked at each other in disbelief. Where in the world did E learn that? He doesn't watch much else besides Backyardigans and Little Einsteins. We've been wracking our brains trying to figure this out. Since then he's turned everything into a shooting gun including an elderly woman's walking stick and limbs at the park. Yeah, you read that right. Is it in their boy-genes? Was it from a commercial?

After playtime we went out for dinner. Eliot and G were having the time of their lives to the point where we moved our conversation outside for everyone's sanity. Hence began the "play hard or go home" philosophy. We've never seen E play like that or that hard ever before. He was unstoppable. Chasing, laughing, being chased, falling down, rinse, repeat. And then it happened. He tackled G. And the wrestling started. You would have thought he did this all the time. This wasn't 'tickle-time' like we have at home, this was a whole new way to play. And he loved it.


The Huffs said...

Boys are WONDERFUL! They play so hard and then crash so quickly at night! (of course Keeley's getting to be the same way!)


Jon said...

Wooo Hooo.... The Mitchells made the blog! I'm glad Grant (affectionately referred to as "G") could help bring young Eliot into boyhood. If you read any John Eldredge books (Wild at Heart and Way of the Wild Heart) you are aware that the gun and sword gene is very strong in boys.

We were walking through a department store that was going out of business recently. The store was so sparse of merchandise that there were empty tables and shelves and unclothes manicans in certain parts of the store. Grant proceeded to find a minican arm, pull it off and ran around the store shooting it like a gun. Trina and I died laughing.

We enjoyed our visit with you guys and really had a blast watching the two boys just be boys. How blessed are we all?

the Hansels said...

Glad he found someone to wrestle with since Jett was NOT having it :)

TNKerry said...

I've got two all-boy boys, too. Wear the heck out of that white shirt now and then don't buy another one (unless it is part of a uniform or for a wedding) for atleast 10 years. Dark colors are a must for little boys - unless you just enjoy doing laundry :)

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

Very cute pics. Eliot is just amazing. I love seeing him growing up, and it's fun to see how they just naturally become themselves.