Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hodge Podge

Scattered and directionless post ahead!

I have to brag on a couple of friends and their incredible talents. You have to check out these websites and see what they're doing.

1. My dear friend Julie makes beautiful jewelry. She's gotten some great opportunities so far and I am so proud of her! (not to mention how stinkin' great her creations are!)Check out her stuff!

2. My friend Christen in an incredible artist and has created some very creative children's materials. This started years ago and has finally turned into something! Check it out!

Next, there's a few blogs I've recently discovered that have my attention. Not that you need more blogs to check out but...

1. Chasing Cheerios: This SAHM works with her 2-year old on pre-school stuff like crazy. It's given me tons of ideas of stuff to do with Eliot, rather than just playing with the same stuff all the time. For example, we went on a "Green Hunt" throughout the house the other day. Here's some pics from our findings...

(Notice the difference between the fake smile and the real one! He's nuts!)

2. Our Itty Bitty Baby: There's a tiny baby that was born in June at just 28 weeks. She's only 13 ounces and she's living. Their story is fascinating and could use encouragement and prayers!

3. The McNulty Quads: This is a SAHM with 4 2-year olds! Their adventures are always entertaining! If you check it out, please read back far enough to get to the duct tape on the diapers/poop stories. Oh my!!

And to finish off:

E normally has his vitamins as a fruit punch drink but this week I made him yogurt/strawberry/vitamin popsicles. He was quite happy with them! Laura and I had non-vitamin versions of them with him. It's really a shame he's not very cute...

(please note fake smile version b)


Amanda said...

I love his little face!!! I could just eat him up!!!
***Did you sing GREEN FROG during your green hunt?

Jenny said...

I love the "color hunt" idea! I think both of my girls would get a kick out of it and it would be the perfect thing to do with my 2 year old as we have been working on colors. I think I will give it a try. I also like the muffin tin idea. Maybe it would help with the pickiness that my girls are going through.