Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Packer's Anxiety

I made up a new 'condition'. It's called packer's anxiety and I have it. My dear friend Beth once asked me what some of the long-lasting ramifications of our time in Guatemala would be. One after-effect I didn't see coming was over packing. To review: I went down to Guatemala by myself right after Thanksgiving, thinking that I was coming home by Christmas. So, logically I packed very few items since I only needed stuff for a few weeks. Then we started to realize that it looked like I might be coming home in January so I had Russ bring me things to get me through another month but also sent home lots of stuff since I wouldn't need that much. This cycle kept going for almost 8 months. Eliot started stages and we were unprepared for them, not knowing we would still be in Guate for it. We've been home a year now and every time I have to pack a suitcase, I start hoarding all my stuff and trying desperately to squeeze it all in. Even if it's just an overnight trip, I pack for a month(slight exaggeration...). Even though my brain says to pack only what I need, my hands keeping grabbing more stuff. Ahead of me is quite the pickle: we're going back to Guatemala. It's only for a week though, right? AHHHHH!


Erin said...

I'm glad to know my condition has a name. Thanks for that. And I don't even have kids! Geez.

Amanda said...

I think you are pretty safe in saying you will only be there for a week!!! I really wish I could go with you. Don't forget the stuff for Sweet Girl!!!

Nikki....Gabi's Mama said...

I do the exact same thing! The opposite happens when you come home from Guate right! Purge purge purge!