Saturday, August 2, 2008

Guate Trip, Day 5 & 6

Monday and Tuesday we had the incredible opportunity to work at Hermano Pedro, the children's hospital that Russ and I went to a few times while I lived in Antigua. For these two days we split our team in half. One group took some of the kids out to lunch at Pollo Campero (yummy!) while the other half stayed at the hospital and helped the nurses with lunch for the rest of the kids and then headed to lunch ourselves. Monday afternoon we also hiked up to the cross that overlooks the beautiful city. Tuesday we split girls/guys and headed to dinner! These two days were very stretching for all of us. Aside from one of the leaders, none of us had ever had an experience like this before. I was so proud of our team, they just jumped right in and each grabbed a kid to love on. It was a blessing to be apart of it.

Lunch on Monday:

Fake sleeping with Dad...

Oops, he really fell asleep. That hasn't happened in months!

Russ with Ascension (a.k.a. Curly) on Tuesday!

I cherish this picture.

Darvin had his hands full!

Think Lion King...

Molly finally got Eliot to hang out with her, she'd been trying all week!

Mel met us girls for dinner (Eliot was allowed at girl-dinner!)

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