Wednesday, August 27, 2008

62% off Arbonne? What?!

Detox is quite the buzz word! It is the basis for health, wellness and beauty. Toxins are impossible to get away from but Arbonne created a line of skin care products that help your body eliminate those toxins. I wish I could have had a chance this month to get in front of you all to show off these amazing products while Arbonne is offering this huge discount. To hear the benefits of each one makes such a huge difference!! I'm getting great results and so are my clients that have started using the products!

Here's the deal: The entire detox line is normally $352.50 but Arbonne is offering it to you in August only for 62% off making it just under $135 (plus tax and shipping). The set includes Rescue Wash, Foaming Sea Salt Scrub, Renewing Body Gelee, Fortifying Hair Mask, Sea Mud Face and Body Mask, Re-mineralizing Body Lotion, and the purifying sea soak. The soak by itself is usually $60, so you can see why this is such a great deal! To check out the details of each product go to this link.

If you won't use all the products, keep friends and family in mind! Maybe you can go in on this together and divide up the set or save the few you may not use and give them away as gifts this holiday season! (Although, as soon as you get your order you may change your mind on that one and keep it for yourself.)

The first ten people that email me back to take me up on this offer will get free shipping and 50% off your first holiday product! (Actually 3 people have already taken me up on this, so the next 7 people will get that!)

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