Saturday, August 16, 2008

Helping Opportunities Update

1. If you wanted details on Mayra's school in Guatemala, please don't forget about it! We're gathering all the details and I will post them as soon as I have them!

2. The Lauers gift card gathering:
A. Restaurants: Panera, Qdoba, McAllisters, Outback, Starbucks
B. Gas: BP, Chevron
C. Visa gift cards work great!!

If you're going to get the cards, you can either mail them to me and I can mail them all off or you can email me and I'll give you their address so you can send it directly to them. Let's really get behind this couple and shower them with support through great little plastic cards!! Even if you don't know them but want to help, that's not weird, it's amazing!! Let's bless them in this time of uncertainty!


Sara Luke said...

Katie, I've never met them, but I'm in. My e-mail address is If you could e-mail me an address (whichever is easiest for you), I'd like to get them a gift card or two. Thanks.

Sara Luke said...

So, Jack hit the keyboard as I was trying to publish my first comment, so I'm not sure if it went through or not. I've never met them, but I'm in. If you could send an address to send gift cards to, I'll get something in the mail. Thanks!

amy said...

thanks for organizing this katie!

Anonymous said...

Can you send me an email with an address please? I would like to send something.